Friday, July 10, 2015

Egg Preservation

“The Top 6 Historical Egg Preservation Techniques” video at;

The last method discussed in the video is the one I found astoundingly simple and preserves eggs for years by submerging the eggs in a solution of “Slaked Lime” powder and water! Worth watching!

The videos produced at; Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. are produced with excellent clarity and sound. He has many historical cooking videos to review.


  1. Mike two of my boys are now working at an egg producing farm, a benefit is free eggs 4 dozen every two weeks i wondered about preserving them.

  2. The slaked lime seems to be an easy way to preserve eggs. When I have time I want to see more of this mans video's. As much as we have increased our technology we have lost our knowledge.

  3. Rob & Gary
    The slaked lime sure appears to be the ticket for long term storing eggs plus it couldn’t get much cheaper using the inexpensive lime.

    Gary you’re right about forgetting old skills of survival. I often lookup how the Pioneers fed themselves, the meals they ate and how they stored food. After all there were no supermarkets to rely on so their methods had to work and be simple.

  4. I always wonder about the long term storage on eggs, and they way, they were stored. I would think a large family would use a lot of eggs a week. They used a lot of eggs in cooking and baking. My grandmother came from a family of 16 kids, and my grandpa came from a family of 8 kids. Things like this that I wonder about how my great grandparents did thing with such a large family, how they stored up stuff. I know they raised big gardens and did a lot of canning. My grandma was so use to cooking a big meal, that even when it was just her, papaw and me, she would fix enough for an army. So many things I would love to be able to ask them how they did stuff with out electric.