Wednesday, August 5, 2015

5-Piece Cook Set from Bass Pro Shops

A couple years ago I sold my RV, a 26 foot Class ‘C’ Tioga Motor Home due to some major repairs that were needed and it just wasn’t worth repairing it. At this time I’m not planning to replace the RV so I need to downsize my Bug-Out Stuff and as I make changes I’ll share what I’m doing so you can see you don’t need much Bug-Out Stuff to be safe and comfortable.

Lately I’m doing much more economical mini-van camping and with that I’m back to cooking everything on a camp stove or campfire, it’s not a bad thing but a full size RV spoils you with being able to use full size kitchen gear.
So, I needed to buy some pots and pans to fit the camp stove. I found this set below from Bass Pro Shops that perfect for me. It’s made strong, nests together and I especially like the large pot @ 4.7 quarts because if I needed to boil drinking water or melt snow for water I could do a reasonable amount at a time.

The set:

Bottom view of the set:

The 4.7 quart large pot, note second handle for better control of a full pot:

The storage bag for the set:

Bass Pro Description: $49.99
The Bass Pro Shops® 5-Piece Cook Set is light and compact, yet comes with lots of options for cooking up a gourmet outdoor dinner. Made of sturdy aluminum, this Bass Pro Shops camping cookware set comes with 2 pots with lids, a frying pan, and a handy nylon carry bag. All the cookware features silicone-coated, folding handles and abrasion- and stick-resistant Quantum 2® coating for easier cleanup. When it's time to pack up, the nesting design keeps everything compact. The 42 oz. Bass Pro Shops 5-Piece Cook Set includes a 4.7 quart pot, a 3.2 quart pot, 1.6 quart fry pan, and 2 lids.

Lightweight aluminum is ideal for campfire cooking
4.7 quart pot and 3.2 quart pot
1.6 quart frying pan
Silicone-coated, folding handles
Quantum 2 nonstick coating makes cleanup easy
Compact nesting design
Includes nylon carry bag

Weight: 42 oz.


  1. Nice little set. I have something similar, got it from Major Surplus and Survival. It's a surplus German Army cook set. A little beat up now, but still functional.

    1. It’s a nice size, not to big and not to small plus the nesting saves space in my van. I carry all my camping gear all the time in it because I live in hurricane country and since I’m 6 feet above sea level there are times I feel I must evacuate. So everything except fresh water, ice and food are always in the van.