Sunday, November 29, 2015

Back-Up your computers

I follow several sailboat cruising blogs and the story below describes a robbery that does from time to time happen! Sad part is everyone in the Caribbean knows sailors who come from other countries can not have weapons onboard to protect themselves so for the criminal it’s easy, almost risk free money. You can thank liberal politicians for this law.

Here’s a recent posting describing a robbery of a cruiser:
Very sad to report....
Do NOT go to Taganga. Sad to say in all my years of travel all over the world we were boarded last night & robbed. Outboard motors both gone, all jewelery, watches, phones, computers, cash, credit cards etc. We were both tied up & hit, but we & the dogs (who remained mysteriously silent through the whole episode) are fine. Shaken, stressed & certainly didn't need this..... and yes, we were warned.... what can I say....
We're in Santa Marta marina at the moment courtesy of good friends John & Jennifer Howarth whilst we decide next move..... sorry if I miss birthdays, anniversaries, emails etc. All my info is on my computer & is lost. I only have this galaxy tablet for now.

What to do?
As in the story, their computers and other items of value were taken. The most costly was the laptop computers. Not so much the cost to replace it, but all the hundreds of hours of work and irreplaceable information stored on it! There is a very simple low cost way to avoid data losses like they are suffering from, it’s a “Memory Stick” to back-up all your data onto.

Backing-up your files is not just for theft but hardware failure where the hard drive simply crashes or lightening strikes, etc.

Memory sticks are dirt cheap. The one below is just $7.00 for 32-GB of storage (32-GB is a lot of data and photo’s, over 16,000, 2-MG photo’s) and if you need more they make them up to 128-GB of storage. Another nice feature about the SanDisk models is they have an included program to password protect the contents, nice feature.

Memory sticks are what I use to back-up and store all my photo’s and files on. It is fast, small and simple to use.

However and most importantly when you back-up the files you want, please remove the memory stick and put it in a safe place. Not out in the open but in a drawer just out of sight but still convenient for you to retrieve and use faithfully. It would be even more painful if your computer was stolen and it had the back-up stick in it!

Also for Google Bloggers here’s a link to show you how to back-up your entire blog. I know of to many bloggers who have lost everything due to a problem with the host server and all their work just ‘disappears’!


  1. Backing up your data is always a good idea.

    Living on a floating Gun-Free-Zone don't sound like much of a plan.


  2. I'm pretty sure we could find a way to be armed and not get caught. Plus there are many islands that are part of the USA (Florida Keys and Florida Bay plus many USA possessions that you could Bug Out To on your well armed boat.

  3. Sad to hear that they were robbed and tied up... :(

    1. It is sad. They're living the perfect carefree life and some ass comes aboard because they know you don't have any guns and steals what ever they want, or worse. This is clearly the fault of politicians and their corrupt to the core ways.