Friday, November 6, 2015

The Only Fishing Knot You Really Need to Know

The Uni Knot.

There are dozens of fishing line knots used today, everyone for a specific situation such as tying a hook on a line, tying two lines together or tying a leader onto the main line, tying swivels on, tying the line onto the reels spool and the list goes on.

Well for the occasional fisher person or when your in a survival mode desperately fishing for food, remembering which knot is the correct one to use is for most including me, impossible.

So over the years I have found one knot that for me does it all, it’s the “Uni Knot”. A very simple to tie knot and it really holds. I have never lost a fish because the knot failed and hook pulled off the line. The largest fish I have routinely landed were 25-30 lb. salmon and never had a knot failure. The video below will show you how simple it is and used in a number of tying needs.

Video Description...
Tom Rowland shows how the Uni Knot can be used to set up an entire fishing outfit from the bare spool to the hook, including tying braided line to Fluorocarbon. If you were to learn only one fishing knot, this is the one. 

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