Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Ultimate Bug-Out Trailer?

One of the biggest obstacles a Bugging-Out Prepper/Survivalist faces is being able to take everything you need with you and that generally means a large RV Trailer. However, the towing capability of today’s downsized SUV’s etc vehicles simply can’t tow even a medium sized RV trailer.

Someday and maybe soon, some of us will find we have to make a choice of either Bugging-In (stay at home) or Bugging-Out (leaving home) in that case means leaving everything in that home behind. Bugging-Out is not always going to be a choice! There will be a time you must leave your home to live because of earthquakes, forest fires, hurricanes and maybe Marshal Law! I suspect that most woman will have the stubbornness to not leave the home. The reality may be either you do or the consequences could be grave. This decision will depend on your level of preparedness for the disaster or civil unrest you’re facing at that time.

So what are your options?
Without owning a retreat to go to you know you need a safe shelter to sleep in and be warm and dry. With limited towing capability, maybe a ‘teardrop’ type trailer is your answer. They can be towed by just about any small vehicle today and give you the nighttime sleeping security most of us prefer.

True, with teardrop type trailers your cooking and eating will be done outside along with general living, but that is a small price to pay to be safe, warm and dry at night! This is not only a Bug-Out trailer but a hunting or family camping trailer.

If you feel like you want a project this appears to be an easy do it yourself project and save a bunch of money.

More information about Teardrop trailers:

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Moby 1 Off-Road Teardrop Trailer review Video, this one is amazing!

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  1. Mike teardrops are great! I would advise a 5 wide for sleeping and hauling. Having built one myself it is not as hard as you would think. I have fallen out of love with a curved hatch in back, chuck wagon cabinet style door are what I would prefer. THE BEST info site on building one is here and close to you is this company that has a good product and can custom add features .

  2. It took me awhile but I agree small is better! I recently purchased a used E-250 van and am selling my motor home. If all else fails I will donate it to the DAV and they can have an auction or a drawing or something. I like those little scamp trailers quite a bit and have been looking. The Mrs. has developed a fondness for nice motels so we'll see what happens! ha ha ha Good Post!