Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Electric Chainsaw by WORX

I’ve owned a couple gas chainsaws over the years and for the small amount I need and use one they were always a pain to start after months of storage.

I had an opportunity to sell my gas saw a few months back and jumped on it, he’s happy and I happier. I had been looking at this electric saw before and research showed me this would do the job for me. For storm pruning or cutting a cord of wood a year this saw will handle that job very well.

The downside of this saw for many people would be the need for an extension cord to power the saw. At a full load TORX recommends a 12ga x 50 feet long max length cord.

For myself, the cord is not an issue because I can and do run the saw off my HONDA 2000i. The HONDA is very portable. I have to have a generator living here in Florida anyway so this saw is just another opportunity to use it.

Saw Specs:
Model WG304.1
15 amps full load, 110volts
18 inch bar length
Chain speed 12m/s
Uses standard Oregon chains and bars
11.2 lbs.
3 year warrantee

Here’s  a link to a YouTube video of a gas saw vs Worx saw. Not a scientific comparison but clearly shows this saw will get the job done. It cuts the same log almost as fast as the gas saw.


I like this saw and recommend it. It’s built solid and has plenty of power. Using my HONDA 2000i I can cut wood anywhere a gas saw can go. And it starts every time by simply pulling the trigger.


  1. Congratulations on the new saw. I love mine. I find they need a little more oil than the automatic oiler puts out and if the chain loosens it will slip off the gear quicker. Mine is a 12 amp and works with my 1500watt inverter . Have you tried it on yours ?

  2. I have read about the oiler not putting out enough oil but they weren't using TORX oil. I found myself that the TORX oil is thinner than all the other name brands. When I need more oil I'll order it from TORX.

    I haven't tried running it off my inverter. I'll give it a try.

  3. Electric chainsaws have safety chains that prevent the occurrence of kickback. Furthermore, they are less powerful and consequently less violent if kickback occurs. To Explore the New Trend in chainsaw is really good. Congratulations on the new saw. Thanks a lot for the review.