Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Propane Lantern Test

Single Mantle Lantern

Propane Lantern Test:
I tested my single mantle propane lantern @ full power for its’ fuel consumption (although it has 5 lower detent settings to save fuel when max lighting is not needed). Fuel consumption was measured using my accurate gram/ounces digital scale. The results below will aid you in calculating how much propane to store vs hours of light you want/need.

  • 1 hour of burn time consumes 36 grams of propane.
  • 1 pound cylinder (16oz/454gm) of propane will yield 12.6 hours of light.
  • a 10 pound propane tank will yield 126 hours of light or 15.7 nights of 8 continuous hours of full power light.
  • 30 nights @ 8 hours = 240 hours of light, requires 19 lbs of propane (a 20 lb tank).
Option of Liquid Fuel:
The Coleman “Dual Fuel” two mantle liquid fuel lantern may be an option worth looking at. The lantern operates on Coleman white gas or plain no-lead pump gas. Pump gas fuel may be easier to come by in a post disaster situation than propane.

My thinking is everyone who has a BBQ Propane Grill would want propane to run the grill to cook some food. I doubt these people have any camping gear.

The same can be said for the Coleman two burner liquid fuel camp stove.


  1. Mike I respect you looking at all options. Dual fuel sounds great but I have had 2 too many OH Shit moments with it to ever trust it again (I have 2 stoves and lantern dual fuel). The propane is much safer but I agree it should be for cooking. Lighting options with the new LEDs make it a no brainer in my book.

    1. The purpose of this post is for preparedness planning. Most people have no idea how long a propane lantern will burn on one, 1 lb cylinder, now they know and can sock according to their needs.

      You are right about the dangers of handling liquid fuels. However if the disaster goes really long term having the liquid no-lead gas as a lighting option may be better than trying to find some propane.

      Like you, I have a couple solar panels that easily recharge all my NiCad’s which power my comm’s and all my lighting.

      Most all people are no where near this prepared and are fortunate to have propane or liquid gas lighting.

  2. Off subject Florida state parks are having a book 3 nites get 4th free. You have to book and pay in April but the stay can be June 1st - September 30th.

    1. Nothing is ever 'off subject' here Gary!
      Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into it.