Friday, April 8, 2016

Rocket Stove using a Camp Stove Oven

In a disaster aftermath when no stores are open and no utilities operating it would be nice to have some baked bread, cookies and PIZZA along with other goodies we would be craving. If you’re out of propane, charcoal or other cooking fuels what do you do? The Rocket Stove will be your family savior.

A few months ago I tested my Coleman ‘camp stove oven’ on my rocket stove and found it was no problem to maintain a baking temperature (325f-375f). So I had confidence I could bake using the rocket stove, just needed to actually bake something and confirm it.

The only concern I had about baking using a wood fire was how much smoke would enter the oven and would the baked goods be overpowered with smoke smell/taste. With dry clean, dry wood that didn’t happen, the baked goods turned out just fine.

I made 8 dinner rolls for the test baking and here I’m waiting for them to rise.

After an hour they’re ready for the oven.

Getting the fire going.

Preheating the oven. Note that with a clean fire/flame there is no smoke.

In go the dinner rolls.

Fresh out of the oven.

Out of the pan and you can see the sides browned just like in a regular oven but the top appears to be discolored like a smoke gray.

You can easily bake using a Coleman camp stove oven on your rocket stove. A rocket stove and a camp stove oven are truly viable disaster survival tools that will make cooking and eating possible in the worst of conditions.

The baked dinner rolls did have a very slight smokiness to them but no different than your fried eggs or fish cooked over a campfire. The bake time was comparable to the home oven. These took just 35 minutes to bake.


  1. when the collapse of civilization finally occurs I would like to invite you to hitch up your chuck wagon and move to the desert! I would be delighted to share my jackrabbit stew with anyone who could provide biscuits!

  2. I’ll keep that in mind and jackrabbit stew sounds like a good trade.

  3. Mike,

    Having a rocket oven makes a world of difference especially during a collapse or when the electric goes out.

    1. You're right Sandy. Simple foods like baked goods will make a world of difference when trying to survive a disaster. I wish more people understood this and prepped for their family.