Saturday, May 14, 2016

Nuclear Power Plant Meltdowns

What the politicians don't want you to know about nuclear power plant disasters is reviewed in the following link. This is a very good example of the evil of Super Pac money that buys politicians who are supposed to be protecting us and acting in our countries best interests. This is a very enlightening short video worth watching.

About the link:
"This conference was held by Dr. Helen Caldicott, in Montreal, back in March of 2011.
She tells it THE WAY IT IS.
I was born and have lived in the Metro Vancouver BC Canada area all of my life.
All that comes to a swift end in the wake of a completely avoidable disaster.
The northern hemisphere is about to be forever covered in more than a dozen different radioactive elements, all lethal, all essentially permanent."



  1. I wasn't going to comment because this is some depressing shit but I can't keep quiet so here goes. Nuclear power is to dangerous. I remember watching the movie the "CHINA SYNDROME" back in the 70's and thinking there had to be a better way.Just like in the movie, greed makes people lie and take unnecessary risks. Solar panels and wind can't be controlled by some big corporation so they are discouraged. damn good post Mike. Buy a geiger counter! ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Our politicians have willingly created so many catastrophic life ending situations such as an eminent economic collapse where a sizable portion of the population will end up starving to death and living homeless because of no money to ever feed or shelter themselves.

    The Nuclear power plants are ticking time bombs where when they go off millions will die and food animals and crops in the fallout areas must be destroyed and the land for food growing in those areas will be contaminated for life.
    Another issue with reactors is Iran and N. Korea don't need nuke weapons. All they have to do is send missiles from just off our shores with bunker buster warheads targeting most of our Nuke Reactors and the game is over. There's almost no way of stopping these missiles. We lose and die terrible deaths!

    Wars, how many have these asses started for their and their buddies financial gain. The Korean war, Vietnam, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and more would still be under control if we stayed out of it. If congress thinks we're such good guys to the world why haven't we ever sent troops to Cuba???? Is it for the buddies of congress financial gains!

    As for the Geiger counter?
    I actually have been looking for a small, accurate and affordable one! I want to check the food we buy in the supermarkets, garden seeds and other ways radiation can be delivered to my home. This Geiger counter will be especially useful when buying fish, remember Fukushima? It's far from being contained and being over, probably not for 100 years. The ocean has highly radio active water constantly running into it everyday!

    Rat, we are so screwed today and with the current crop of panty wearing liberals the end is very near.

    Thanks for the comment, hope you can tolerate mine.

    1. I'm not sure what "panty wearing liberals" have to do with corporate fascism taking over our country? Our children are starving while the rich shit in gold toilets! Sorry, I guess my panties are to tight!

    2. seems to me that "panty wearing liberals" have brought us to this special place. And, while I don't know of any hungry children I do see the elderly going without; while the Head Turd hands out EBT cards to muzzies and Mexicans everyday.

      I agree Mike, we are so screwed.


    3. I think many of us will embrace the Van Dweller way of life. We can make very little money and pay no taxes to support this giveaway of our hard earned tax money while having peace and quiet in our lives.

      By the way Blogger has issues every once in a while. I just received your comment this afternoon....