Friday, September 23, 2016

Update of the EOTech Optic Refund

Since returning the EOTech-517 optic for a refund I started searching for another optic. I began with re-thinking the need for and how I would use my AR today compared to 10 years ago. Ten years ago it was for self-defense such as 0-100 yard neighborhood street fighting etc. However, I did find after hours of using the EOTech sight the holographic sight with no magnification makes it almost impossible to see a camouflaged threat hiding behind cover beyond 100 yards. Here where I live the ‘sub-humans’ (zombies if you prefer) are getting bolder and far more dangerous. They’re now sniping cops at a distance and drive-by shootings into homes, at random individuals and crowds are common.

To counter this new style of threat I now feel the need and capability to engage a target out to 300+ yards but still have CQB capability. My new optic choice is the Vortex Strike-Eagle 1x-6x, a traditional variable magnification rifle scope with a simple to use 5.56 caliber BDC (bullet drop compensator) reticle. The 1x will allow quick, short-range target acquisition with a wide angle of view. The 6x will take care of the longer 300+ yard shots. The Strike Eagle has a variable intensity, illuminated reticle which for me is very useful in low light. The Strike-Eagle reticle is etched just like a conventional scope, so if the battery goes dead the etched reticle is always there and ready. Also, there is a compartment inside the windage cap that holds a spare battery, nice design touch.

Would I recommend the Strike-Eagle?   Yes!
However, scopes and guns to men are similar to a woman, they’re a man's personal choice, unfortunately, more times than not an emotional choice. There is no perfect do everything scope, just like there is no perfect do everything gun, so we’re left with making a choice with concessions. With that said, I do recommend you at least look at the Strike-Eagle for yourself, it gets the job done for me and at a great price point!

A Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Scope Review, YouTube:

Link to Strike-Eagle Scope for Purchasing:

If you buy the scope from the Amazon link, this retailer INCLUDES a cantilevered scope mount ($90.00 retail), scope mount wrench, bushings for a 24 mm scope should you have one, flip up lens caps, two batteries one to use the scope when you get it and a spare one that’s in the spare battery storage compartment, all with the lowest price out there!!!

The Scope Mounted on my M4:

M4 Front Sight:
Some of you may have noticed that my front sight appears to be in the way of the scope line of sight. It is not in the crosshairs. You can barely see a shadow that's easy to see through at 1x and 2x and it is well below the crosshairs. Any higher magnification it is completely out of the sight window. Really, there’s no issue about it.

The Reticle:
  • It’s bright, clear, simple and edge to edge clean.
  • The main crosshair can always be used with any magnification setting.
  • The circle diameter is equal to 18 inches at 100 yards and for fast, CQB target acquisition.
  • The drop hash marks are accurate and designed to work with the scope set at 6X.
  • For range estimation the width of the horizontal hash marks is equal to 18 inches or the shoulder width of an average human. Match the hash mark to your target shoulders and that’s your estimated yardage.

The Reticle image as actually seen in the scope.

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