Friday, November 4, 2016

Hurricane Matthew One Month Later

Yesterday and today, the debris collection truck (one truck) was in the neighborhood hauling off all the storm’s tree damage. I took this photo with my cell phone so it’s not the greatest because you can’t see what the trucks signs say. These are FEMA contracted trucks. Lord knows what the cost is, maybe some day we’ll find out. But we’re all happy that it’s being hauled off. Now it’s time to re-seed or re-sod the grass areas that were killed under the branch piles.

I do have one oak tree in the back yard that will need to come down because of the extensive storm damage. Maybe next year I’ll have it taken down. It’s a 24 inch diameter oak and the going rate for removal is $2,500.00 for the one tree. Who knows, maybe if another storm comes through Mother Nature will take it down!


  1. Mike in about 4 months when the work slows that 24 inch tree will cost 500 to have fell and 500 to haul off. A good tree man will do it even cheaper if you do the brush clean up.

    1. Well I have some time for now. Trouble with North-East Florida nobody works for less than $100 an hour, even the lawn mowers make that!

  2. Mike, It is crazy what tree surgeons charge! We got lucky w/our brush removal, they had it gone from our neighborhood within 10 days. We are very close to their dump site.

  3. Mike,

    It's expensive to take a tree down with outside help. Wish we lived closer, our son and his friends would take it down for you.