Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Update

It's been about nine weeks since the hurricane brushed by here. Below are a few pictures of some of the damaged homes where nothing has been repaired yet. That is the point of this posting! Nothing gets repaired quickly after a major storm. A lot of people have damage, many far worse than we have and the best the limited number of carpenters and roofers can do is put you on the list. Thank goodness for those "Blue Tarps"! It can take 6-9 months after a storm for everything to be repaired. As of last week, the city and FEMA finished picking up all the tree debris city-wide. So now the city needs to repair the sidewalks that were busted up when the trees next to them uprooted. Also where-ever the branch piles were they killed the grass below so everyone will have 20-30 yards of sod to put down to repair the damage. I'm going to wait till spring before doing anything.

Could have been a lot worse for my neighborhood!


  1. Thanks for the update. People forget about the destruction left behind once it's no longer in the news.

  2. Mike,

    Good to see updates from the hurricane. The news media have been all over the election and the results they forget about actual news and updates.

  3. Found you! ;)

    So much repair needing to be done. Sixbears is right, once it's off the news everyone forgets that the aftermath still exists. I have to say that tarps have been a saving grace for us a number of times.

  4. Gee, these pics are not even from Idaho.
    The preferred roofing material in Idaho is....Blue Tarps...
    That is how you know you have crossed the State Line.