Saturday, May 20, 2017

It’s Hurricane Season Again, Time to Prepare

For the 2017 season, a total of 14 named stormsseven hurricanes, and three major hurricanes are expected this season, which is higher than the 30-year average (1981-2010) for the Atlantic basin. A major hurricane is one that is Category 3 or stronger.

Now is the time to:
Replace your old stored gas for the generator (I pour mine in my vans gas tank and use it up so there’s no waste)
Keep your vehicle fuel tanks full
Drain and refill the generator gas tank with fresh fuel
Test run the generator under load
Stock-up with water
Stock-up with canned foods
Propane for your camp stove
Propane for your camping lantern and additional mantels
Stock some BIC-Lighters and stick matches
Fresh batteries and numerous flashlights for everyone
Dependable radio

Most importantly have an escape plan:
A category 2 storm is real bad so if you live by the coast, get out before it comes ashore. Have a list of motels with phone numbers preferably 25 miles away (up to 100 miles away if needed) and book a room two days in advance of the storm. Motel rooms locally will be booked in a matter of hours. You won’t regret the expense! Think of the room as a vacation and play in their pool or whatever, it’s not a waste of money. It may very well save your life. Riding out a direct hit from just a category 2 storm will make you get religion!

A side note:
Last year where I live we had Hurricane Matthew, a Category 2, never closer I believe than 75 miles from shore and today we still have two homes not yet repaired from its wind damage. Homeowner insurance is holding up the repairs. Deal with only a reputable company!!!

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  1. Yes, Hurricane Matthew hit Hampton Roads hard. It for me was the worst storm I went through in the 32 years of living here. The ironic part was our weather forecasters said it was going to hit us. The only thing our home owners insurance did for us was document the damage. I sent over $8K out of pocket. We were blessed that we didn't have more damage and that no one was injured.