Wednesday, August 9, 2017

North Korea a Serious Situation

It reminds me of the Cuban Missile Crisis, it was a very serious situation then. We were dealing with sane people back then, but today the NoKo leadership are full blown nut cases.

We also find out today that NoKo has 10-20 miniature nuke warheads that can be delivered by their current missiles with the ability to reach the east coast. And don’t forget NoKo has subs that can deliver nukes. If we were issued an attack warning we would have only minutes till detonation.

If an EMP attack were to happen and it was only 25% as devastating as suggested it could be, we will as a country lose millions of citizens and the country may never recover from just one let alone multiple targets.

I suggest we review our preps now and restock accordingly with food, water, camping gear and plenty of propane for cooking and water sterilization.

Below are two links to articles about EMP that are located in my sidebar. Worth your time to review.

The EMP Threat to Canada and the USA:

EMP Pulse Event:


  1. The worst thing is that the brat is so insane that I fear military action may become unavoidable.

  2. Mike while it may be North Korea that does the deed. China is the hand that guides them. The fat man is a pawn.

    1. I agree; NOKO is a "useful idiot" doing the bidding of China. China would like nothing more than for NOKO to "get something going," so that China could take a stab at being "top dog."

      Thank you, Barrack Hussein Obama for weakening our country to the point (and broadcasting this to the world) that ANY country would "try something." May you rot in a traitor's grave!

  3. Mike,

    It's just a matter of time before things hit the fan. I agree with you, it's time to restock, or stock if you haven't your preps!!!

  4. One need only look around to see that any one of a number of things could cause the S to HTF. I'll be the first to agree that STAYING prepared is actually harder than GETTING prepared, but stay prepared, we must. Godspeed to all of you!

  5. Who knows what the truth is. So much fake news out there trying to manipulate us.

  6. Well if and when it goes sideways. Life will change for sure.

  7. Things like this are always a nudge to stay alert and not slack off on any front. NoKo is indeed an uncomfortable wild card.