Thursday, June 14, 2018

Garden Thoughts

Yesterday, I picked some more goodies from my small test garden and it just struck me how wonderful and complex Mother Nature is. My Green Bell Peppers, JalapeƱo Peppers, and Cherry Tomatoes grew from seeds. Seeds that their DNA goes back probably thousands of years. But every year, these plants reproduce themselves reliably and ‘perfectly’ again and again creating food for humans and animals to eat. All they ask for is some good dirt, food, and water, they do the rest!

I truly hope Politicians, Big AG and GMO doesn’t screw up this cycle in search of profits. The outcome could cause global starvation.


  1. That's why learning how to grow food AND save seed for next season is so important!!!

  2. I'm surprised growing a garden hasn't become illegal! Enjoy it while you can old friend! Damn good looking veggies!