Sunday, February 22, 2015

Been Busy last week, had a Prepper Garage Sale

Since Y2K I have been building prep's and during that time constantly improved methods and equipment until last week when I stepped back and realized I was actually out of room for the excess stuff that was not going to be used. So a Prepper Garage Sale was necessary. It was cold Saturday, low 40's but was quite successful and met a number of beginning preppers that were glad to buy the stuff.

All I have left that didn't sell is a chainsaw, some knives, odd tools, a 2-meter radio, my 4000 watt generator and a couple guns. The generator I intend to upgrade right after its sale. I will post about the new generator when it arrives and had a chance to test the output and fuel consumption along with a new handheld 2-meter radio that will replace the mobile unit.

(The sale was pretty good. The money in the image is just over $1,200.00 from the sale so far)

NASCAR, Run By Liberals?

I'm not a real stock car fan as anyone can drive in circles. I prefer road course racing and have been in it a long time building motors like this one pictured below. A 242cu/in Buick V-6 producing 527 dyno'd horsepower and red-lined at 9,500rpm from a single carburetor on gasoline. So I have some experience with BS rules wrecking the sport.

The Road Race Car the motors were built for.

Liberals running NASCAR? You bet.

Anytime you take away or restrict from the smart hard working people and give that knowledge and efforts to the lazy dummies to make things 'equal' for the lazy, that is the liberal mindset. Congress is a good example of this!

Seems like every year NASCAR screws themselves with new rules like this year by reducing the height of the spoilers, video replaying the pit crew in action watching for new rules violations along with a few other changes so no good team can use their talent to win.

Today's Daytona 500 was a big yawn. Three wide pack racing (almost the entire field of cars in one pack) all race day long. The result is any good cars get trapped in the middle of the pack and can't pass anyone. The last few years I would watch the first 10-12 laps and tune in later to catch the last 10 laps. I was going to do the same this year but after today's 500, I will find better things to do with my time.

Just my opinion but NASCAR shot itself in the foot to many times and is now a waste of time, kind of like watching soccer. Did anyone notice one whole section (1,000's) of seats were empty? NASCAR better take notice when fans don't show up.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sea Shipping Containers

Here's how I see one of the best uses of sea shipping containers. Simple and reasonably inexpensive way to get a barn with secure equipment and feed storage.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Radio Coax Cables

Coax Cables and Antennas are a critical part of any radio be it Shortwave, CB, Handhelds, AM/FM, etc. Spend the time and money for the right stuff and you will get the best from your radio, even inexpensive radios!

However a problem I ran into last week was with one of the four coax cables I had custom made in the USA using USA made components. Shame on me, but I failed to do a very simple continuity test on the cables and just installed them. (Why not they were made in the USA!) Well on one of the patch cords the center conductor was an open circuit, it was not soldered properly to the connector resulting in an open circuit, like the patch cord wasn't even there. Grrrrr!

It was a simple fix, just soldered it correctly but the aggravation of the radio all of a sudden not working is something I don't do well with especially paying USA made prices! The radio works fine now.

The criminal Coax Patch Cord
Like all my cabling the patch cords are also RG213. Here the heat shrink tubing is pulled back and the ferrule unscrewed to expose all the solder connections.

Lesson learned

Never, ever install coax without checking the continuity first no matter who or where you get it from!