Saturday, May 20, 2017

It’s Hurricane Season Again, Time to Prepare

For the 2017 season, a total of 14 named stormsseven hurricanes, and three major hurricanes are expected this season, which is higher than the 30-year average (1981-2010) for the Atlantic basin. A major hurricane is one that is Category 3 or stronger.

Now is the time to:
Replace your old stored gas for the generator (I pour mine in my vans gas tank and use it up so there’s no waste)
Keep your vehicle fuel tanks full
Drain and refill the generator gas tank with fresh fuel
Test run the generator under load
Stock-up with water
Stock-up with canned foods
Propane for your camp stove
Propane for your camping lantern and additional mantels
Stock some BIC-Lighters and stick matches
Fresh batteries and numerous flashlights for everyone
Dependable radio

Most importantly have an escape plan:
A category 2 storm is real bad so if you live by the coast, get out before it comes ashore. Have a list of motels with phone numbers preferably 25 miles away (up to 100 miles away if needed) and book a room two days in advance of the storm. Motel rooms locally will be booked in a matter of hours. You won’t regret the expense! Think of the room as a vacation and play in their pool or whatever, it’s not a waste of money. It may very well save your life. Riding out a direct hit from just a category 2 storm will make you get religion!

A side note:
Last year where I live we had Hurricane Matthew, a Category 2, never closer I believe than 75 miles from shore and today we still have two homes not yet repaired from its wind damage. Homeowner insurance is holding up the repairs. Deal with only a reputable company!!!

2016, Hurricane Matthew link:

Monday, May 15, 2017

Government Regulations Strikes Again

My lawn boy, my lawn service for the last 23 years cuts lawns on weekends. He also works full time for one if not the largest Mechanical Contractors in Florida. He was just given the information that he and all job site Superintendents must take a six-week course in Spanish so they can communicate with the hand full of Mexican and Cuban employees.

Who mandated this? OSHA. (the government)

I have several issues with this new “regulation”, actually all regulations.

1. A company of his size (hundreds of employees) can somewhat afford the six-week class for all their Supers and group leaders. What about the smaller 20 man contractors like cement masons, roofers, siders, gutter installers, electricians, plumbers, agriculture, etc? They simply can’t afford this mandate.

2. Instead of punishing the American business with this regulation how about making the Mexicans and Cubans learn English before applying for the job???

3. The hiring trend will now be hire only Mexicans and Cubans who can speak basic English and pass over Americans so they don’t have to invest the money for the Spanish classes. This Regulation is a death blow to the American workers as it will spread to all government regulated businesses.

In my business of medical devices and surgical instruments, I had to comply with the FDA, ISO and CE (European Standards, yes Europe’s standards or we couldn’t sell our instruments in Europe!) There are thousands of standards to follow for each product and required several FDA Regulatory Specialists to comply. When I had the opportunity to sell my business and patents I jumped at it and never looked back.

Now, what about the rest of us taxpayers? If in the future we want to shop at WalMart are we going to have to speak Spanish so we can communicate with their employees or read the Spanish signage and labels? Sounds stupid but knowing the liberals they will get Congress to pass it.

Should we now look forward to the high school curriculum to mandate Spanish and Arabic courses along with Koran studies? Unless we make English the language of the USA, we will have to teach other languages and customs to survive in the USA.

Trump, has the right idea to limit government regulations. They’re not needed with a number of lawyer firms ready to attack a sloppily run company. They’ll police themselves. I hope he’s not too late!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday, May 7, 2017

France Election

Looks like France just shot itself in the foot electing another Obama clone, just like Canada did. Hope it works well for them but looking at recent history of countries following this kind of leadership such as Greece, Italy, and Germany, it’s not going well for them as it’s soon going to be time to pay the bills!

The U.S. and the newly submitted healthcare plan is not the answer to healthcare for all. It has become the new “Third Rail” like Social Security and will cause an interesting group of new Representatives and Senators elected during their next election cycles. I don’t know what the future holds but I do know it smells bad.

We can and have prepped for all the possible disasters but now we who live in the U.S. have a new disaster, one that is totally unpredictable and defies all logic. It’s called, “The Government”. I don’t know how to prep for it besides get far out of town, sleep on your money and become self-reliant.

This avoiding “The Government” will become many topics for the future.

Just my opinion.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

An Alternative to Fox News

I really can’t watch the major news networks, they are outrageously biased and in many cases simply lie to promote hard left liberalism, not truthful news. I only tune them in for a quick look to see what the whacko left is up to.

I was a Fox News junkie, it was always on where ever I was, just like some people have a radio on for background noise, I had Fox on. If something caught my ear I would stop and listen for the details.

If you remember, about a year or so ago, Fox News went into negotiations with the satellite providers for a new contract and they were off the air for about two weeks. That was a real dumb move for Fox because it forced a mesmerized audience to look elsewhere for news. It also gave the viewers time to think just how left Fox is! I thought I was going to die during that time, but I did see the light and it was blinding!

So without Fox, I began searching for other news outlets. It didn’t take long to get disgusted to the point of simply listening to local news and hope they would cover important news. I e-mailed my local news station about getting more current national news and their answer was, “We only broadcast AP (Associated Press) news stories). Obviously, they have a contract with AP to save money rather than hire real station journalists.

The trouble with their approach is we only get AP slanted news. At this point, I’m ready to through in the towel and go shortwave only to listen to what other countries have to say about what’s going on here.

However! I believe it was a commenter on Sufficient Mountain Living”, also listed in my sidebar, who said he watched and recommended “OAN” news network!!??

Well anyone who reads Harry’s blog can’t be totally out lunch, so I searched for it on Google and found it,  “One America News Network”.

I’m sure I found a new home for my news needs. If you want real news you need to check it out! News writers who are not 12-year-old snowflakes. Stories that have appropriate length to cover the details without boring filler.

There are many ways to receive the OAN broadcast, cable and satellite, check their website for all the providers unless you have the same satellite provider I have the Communist DISH network who doesn’t offer it. So, I log on to my computer and read the numerous well written relevant news stories.