Sunday, December 26, 2010

Knife Sharpener, Electric

I absolutely hate sharpening knives. Doing all the kitchen knives by hand takes way to long and my free time is minimal. I just want kitchen knives that easily slice tomatoes and that’s perfect for me, so the search went on for an electric sharpener.

This week I bought a Smith’s Compact Knife Sharpener for just under $25 at Target. I liked the compact size and the grinding ‘wheel’ design that are grinding wheels that rotate like a bench grinder for fast metal removal when restoring an edge. It also has a ceramic finishing slot to finalize the sharpened edge.

This sharpener actually does a great job and very fast, about 1 minute per knife, I like the fast part! Depending on how dull my knives were it takes 2-4 passes per side through the rotary grinding wheels and 4 strokes through the ceramic finishing slot and presto, I had a great knife edge for kitchen work and yes it was tested on tomatoes and passed the test excellently, like the skins weren’t even there. This sharpener really works!

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