Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mylar Bags and Long Term Food Storage

Like most everyone I use Mylar Bags for my long term food storage because there is no reasonable alternative. To date they have been safe and very effective. As with all plastic resins when subjected to extreme temperatures like high heat any resin will begin to break down and off gas or leach their chemical makeup. Long term exposure of heat is the enemy to all plastics or enamels used in metal can liners. I am perfectly content with using Mylar bags for my long term storage.

Recently I had a comment posted by Vickie and it was;

“Vickie said...
Do you worry that the food will interact with the mylar bags? I do.
November 11, 2010 10:30 PM”
I use and recommend Sorbent Systems for my Mylar needs so I sent them an e-mail asking about the safety of Mylar. Hope this helps with any concerns about Mylar.

I wrote:Dear Tech Support,
I am a customer of Sorbent and have always recommended your company to people for the best place to buy their Mylar food storage needs from.
I have been asked if, “Mylar Bags are safe for long term storage because some say the plastic used breaks down and coverts to formaldehyde”.
Could you please respond to this question?

Sorbent Systems Response:“The outer layer of these bags is made from the PET, not the inner layer which is what comes into contact with the actual product. The inner sealant layer is made from LLDPE which is what the FDA requires for direct contact for food and pharmaceutical products.”

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