Sunday, November 30, 2014

Energizer® Hard Case Professional LED Headlight

I've been wanting a headlight just like this one and it finally appeared on the market; affordable at $25 (WalMart) with two White light beam intensities of 160 lumens on hi and 70 lumens on low with 8 hours run time on high and approximately 14+ hours on low, Red light and a Green light all fully selectable with just two control buttons. Simplicity at its best. The light throw on high is 120 meters. Very comfortable head bands lined with anti-slip foam and silicone that holds extremely well with minimum pressure. The top band easily removes if you don't like it. The entire headlight wads up easily to fit in a pocket or pack. Best of all it uses my preference of 'AA' batteries (3 of them). I stock 'AA's in both alkaline and rechargeable types for all my lights and radios.

Note; this is a 2014 model with the higher 160 lumens output. Previous older models look exactly the same but are only 70 lumens on high.

Energizer Comments
Serious professionals need serious lighting. On site or in the field, our Energizer®Hard Case® Professional® line of products offer the rugged dependability of the original Energizer® Hard Case® combined with innovative LED technology.

Product Specs
Features and Benefits
  • Powerful LEDs provide 165 lumens of light and 8 hours of run time
  • Versatile light offers 4 modes to accomplish many tasks
  • White (high / low)
  • Red for night vision
  • Green for inspection
  • Pivoting head directs hands-free light where you need it
  • Rear-mounted battery pack for comfortable weight distribution
  • Non-slip strap stays in place on hard hats or head
  • Removable top strap for additional comfort & security
  • Shatterproof lens with flip-up diffuser for area lighting
  • Water resistant
  • Will withstand a 6 meter drop
  • Includes 3 Energizer® MAX® AA batteries


Headlight side view

Battery pack 3 'AA's inside

Packaging showing features

Below is a link to a very good video detailing all of this headlights feature. Worth watching.

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