Monday, January 5, 2015

Fire Steel, Light My Fire (Ferro-Rod)

If you're a Prepper will this be your ultimate fire starter? I think so. It doesn't matter how cold, what altitude or how wet it is outside, the fire steel will create the sparks necessary to get a fire going, light ALL your propane devices (stove, catalytic heater and lanterns), oil lamp or other fueled devices that you may be depending on while in the woods or during an emergency. The Fire Steel is far more dependable than any matches or lighters.

About the whistle included, I have to say the whistle is just about worthless, this one is barely audible! Buy and carry a real survival whistle.

At $17.20 it's affordable and worth having in your BOB or in your emergency stocks!

It is a quality made product.

How to use video by Light My Fire:

Good Demo video:
Tip # 4 remove fire steel coating for a larger shower of sparks.
Tip #5 using a cotton ball with vaseline, very good tip!

Fire Steel out of packaging.

Package front.

Sellers Comments:
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter with Emergency Whistle.
Color: Black
Compact fire starter designed to light fires in any conditions.
Provides 2,980-degree C spark in any weather, at any altitude.
Durable, lasts for approximately 12,000 strikes.
Army 2.0 model features improved stainless steel striker and ergonomic handle.
Bright spark - can be used as emergency signal.

Where to buy:


  1. Maybe it is a whistle only rescue dogs can hear.

    1. I think you're right, a very small rescue dog! :-)

  2. Don't mean to change the subject but I tried the rubbing compound on my nasty headlamps and it worked pretty good! Not like new but a whole lot better. Thanks for the tip...

    1. I think rubbing compound has limits as to how much you can bring back very oxidized lenses but for the price and a little effort they pass a lot more light. To make them like new if badly oxidized would require wet sanding to remove the oxidation then buffing. I'm not sure just how well or how long the chemical kits work but there always seems to be surprises with the quick fixes.