Monday, April 7, 2014

Disposable Medical Exam Gloves

We all should have a box of these gloves around especially during a disaster aftermath. There are many uses for them, chemical spills, bacteria or diseases and other peoples blood we need not come in contact with under any circumstance. The gloves are cheap and effective.

Here are the gloves I use. There are many brands available. I recommend "Nitrile" as it is a very tough material and resists simple blunt punctures.

Disposable Medical Exam Gloves
Exam gloves can be necessary in many circumstances, such as during an accident where people are bleeding and need medical attention, caring for and bathing sick people such as family and friends, painting and staining, cleaning high germ count areas, field dressing game or butchering game etc. I also use mine when connecting and disconnecting my RV sewer hose.

The gloves are made from several different materials and come in different sizes and colors. The four types of gloves are latex, vinyl, plastic, or nitrile which is synthetic latex that's very durable and slightly more expensive. The type of gloves one uses depends on his or her possible allergy to latex and their personal preference. Some latex gloves are powdered on the inside to make them easy to put on and remove. I don't use powdered gloves and find them easy to put on.

How to Measure Your Hand Size:
Exam gloves typically come in sizes from small to extra large, with extended or smaller sizes available on some models. The size of the glove is determined by measuring the circumference of the widest part of one's hand in inches. Size small accommodates someone with a measurement of 7 to 8 inches. Extra large is for measurements of 10 to 11 inches. The only extra guideline is that, synthetic gloves, such as those made of nitrile, tend to run small. People on the high end of a size range should order nitrile gloves one size up. Gloves come in an array of colors, including blue, green, and pink. The colors available depend upon the type of glove it is and from which manufacturer they are coming from.

Where to buy them:
All drug stores handle them and that is where I buy mine. Or search online, Amazon has many choices.

A large online source for Gloves and Information:

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