Friday, June 10, 2016

How to Get Health Insurance on the Road: Obamacare.

Here's a link explaining very clearly how to get Obamacare health insurance for yourself. The author is Bob Wells, the owner of a very informative YouTube video channel, [also listed in my Van Dwelling Bug Out Blogs I follow] about how to become a happy and successful full-time VanDweller or RV Living person. Bob is a 12 year, full-time Vandweller and pays only $50 a month for his healthcare insurance. Great site, hundreds of quality How To's and interviews with people actually living that lifestyle.

Link to Bob's Obamacare article:


  1. Mike,

    Good information. I know it's right because I signed my wife up for Obamacare this year. She has a terrific policy for only $35/month.

    I'm enjoying these VanDweller/Camper posts of yours. We've been looking this option over ourselves for a while. The WorkCamper option compliments these nicely.


  2. Hi Moe,
    Bob did a good job explaining how to apply and end up with a policy that people can afford. I worked with my neighbor when he needed to apply for his wife and there were moments we were scratching our heads but in the end figured it out and found a policy that fit their budget with just enough coverage to be comfortable.

    Glad you like the idea of VanDwelling and looking into it. I've owned utility vans for years and converted them all for camping. My best one was a Dodge Maxi-Van because I fit a full size mattress in it lengthwise which meant it was like sleeping at home in a real bed. Sleeping sideways in a van I could never stretch out, there wasn't enough room. That still left me with a good 4 feet of empty space from the end of the mattress to the back of the driver and passenger seats for porta-potti, cooler and other needed living stuff and a chair to sit inside during poor weather conditions. Workout just great.

    Another nice thing about a van is you get to use it everyday as a primary or second vehicle, so it's not sitting idle wasting away waiting to be used. It's also a perfect Bug Out Vehicle, stocked and ready to go at a moments notice.

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