Tuesday, October 10, 2017


We all need them at one time or another because the power will inevitably go out. In the days prior to LED’s you could buy a basic incandescent flashlight using ‘C’ cells for $3-$4 and life was fine.

Today, you can’t find any of those old flashlights and are stuck with buying LED flashlights, but the cost of the new LED technology was painfully expensive and they were packed with multiple unneeded modes like low, medium, high and strobe. Well, all I want is just a basic flashlight that’s just ‘on’ and ‘off’. Full-featured LED lighting is what my headlamp is for.

A couple months ago, WalMart had just what I was looking for, an LED flashlight that’s simply ‘on’ or ‘off’ and best of all cost just $1.00 each including batteries! I have no idea how WalMart can buy, stock and sell these flashlights for just $1.

I bought 10 of them, they’re perfect for around the house, garage, kitchen drawers, nightstands, bathrooms, etc.

  • They have a push button tailstock ‘on’ ‘off’ switch
  • Use 3 caged ‘AAA’ batteries. The batteries as expected are not worth much and don’t last long. I replaced mine with DuraCell batteries and they’re still going strong.
  • Overall it’s a surprisingly well-made flashlight.
  • Remember to unscrew the tail cap and remove the insulating disc before use. The insulator is so people can’t turn them on in the store and leave them on.
  • Are they a replacement for a Tactical LED Light? Of course not.


  1. I got a couple of the clip-to-cap bill lights there for the same price and have found them very useful (look ma, no hands).

  2. Mike,

    You're right, were always in need of a flashlight. And when you need it, is when you can't find one. We stash flashlights everywhere, and now we can find a light at any time. The LED technology I find is very expensive.

    We have a couple of the LED flashlights with a high lumen count. Making it easier to see way out in a distance. We need them when living out in the country to avoid issues walking up to wildlife when their not expecting us or vice versa.

    I still prefer the old fashioned, simple flashlight.

  3. I buy these $1 flashlights as well and agree they are quite well made - except they poop out pretty quick. Wish there was something that could be done about that. I have one hanging inside the door of our chicken coop and goat barn. They come in handy sometimes!

  4. I swear by these $1.00 lights at Walmart. They last forever, they don't break, you can replace the batteries, and they put out a good light. I have them staged all over my house and the outbuildings in case the power goes out at night.

  5. Mike I found these at Target once, in their "dollar spot" by the front entrance. They were metallic like a metal anodized aluminum of some sort. Also only a dollar. I bought about ten in red and a couple of silver aluminum color. I put the silver ones in each of our cars (don't forget about the car). Since the farmhouse is small, I decided to just put one in every room. So we have one everywhere in a drawer or hanging from a hook in each room, just in case it's needed. Great post!