Sunday, January 12, 2020

Green Bell Peppers Experiment; 3-Months Later

Back in October, I felt my Bell Peppers were at their end of production life and was going to pull them out and wait for spring to plant new ones. However, since I had nothing to lose, I left them alone to see what they would do with the winter days becoming shorter. To my surprise, the plants kept blossoming and producing except that the Peppers are about 1/4th the size and smaller of the longer sunlit days production. The lessening of sunlight has a profound effect on plant production. However, even being smaller fruits, they are very good to eat!

Now with the days getting longer the Bell Peppers are getting bigger. Funny how just a few more minutes of sunlight bring the plants back to life and producing bigger peppers.

Also my bucket gardening of Green Beans, Onions, Carrots and Russet Potatoes are doing fine, but just like the peppers they’ve been growing slower due to the lack of sunlight.

I haven’t had my first frost yet (normally that’s anytime in February), but when we do that will be the end of my gardening until my last frost which is generally, March 15th.

Link to the original article:

The larger Bell Pepper

More Bell Peppers

JalapeƱo Peppers

The Pepper plants look weak but still producing


  1. Interesting! I had no idea daylight length could bring that result. It's always interesting to experiment. You never know what you'll learn (and pass on to the rest of us!)

  2. Mike could you add grow lights to help say a couple of extra hours a day?? I follow a family that has egg laying chickens. Day light effects them too. only 3 to 5 eggs a day now over winter vs 18 to 20 in summer

    1. I could but grow lights are better suited to green house use. Plus I'm not sure the cost would be worth it.

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