Saturday, June 20, 2020

“Pandemic, 2020”

Did we Learn Anything From The 2020, COVID-19 Virus Event?

I’ve taken away:

1. Who would have ever thought that toilet paper shelves would be the first shelves emptied during this event. Prepping is important and must be taken seriously, as some of you probably have found out recently. Keep yourself well-stocked at all times with everyday items.

2. All Government-appointed or employed experts are morons. They lie and with their ego and newfound power/authority can singlehandedly crash a world economy with just a couple fake news interviews. All the “Experts” are forced on us by other politicians, TV, the Internet and news in general. We have no choice but to listen to them, just be very cynical of what you hear.

3. Prepping Inventory. Do not put off building your basic preparedness inventory to last at least 2 months.

4. Within less than a week after an event the store shelves will be empty if resupplying isn’t possible!

5. Cash on Hand. Credit and debit cards may not work or be accepted. Keep on hand nothing greater than $20 bills. Be able to make exact change.

6. Finances. Get out of the stock market as soon as some fool says “Pandemic” and your stomach tells you to get out!. Set up sell levels such as a 15% downswing as a trigger. It’s much better to sit out 6-12 months only earning ½% CD interest or no interest at all than to lose 30-40% your savings in 3-4 weeks!

7. The news media lies 24/7, get your news from trusted sources, not MSNBC, CNN or FOX.


  1. Well said, Mike. I think you speak for a lot of us.

  2. I'm in total agreement, during this government generated crisis we just sat back and watched. Our family wanted for nothing. Parata Vivere"-